Admissions Process

The GeniusQuest Film School admissions process for full time courses has been designed to enable us to select students who have a reasonable chance at successfully completing their course. This is normally judged by their achievements and their potential.

There is a three-stage selection process:

  1. Pre-Application
  2. Video Application
  3. Selection

This is the initial contact between potential students and GeniusQuest. This usually starts when a student completes the REQUEST INFORMATION short form on our website. Once this form is received we will contact the student directly and explain more details about our courses and answer any questions that the student may have.

We are looking for students that have a passion for film. We are requesting all full time school applicants to submit a short, autobiographical video from one to two minutes in length. We want to see and hear about you, your family, your interests and anything else that you would like to show us in a creative way. This can be filmed and edited on a smartphone using I-movie or other similar apps. You can see an example of what we are looking for on our VIDEO APPLICATION page. We are not expecting you to create a video to the level of our sample, but we are looking to see your creativity.

Video Application

Following the admissions process, the Admissions Officer will make a final decision with regard to the outcome of the application. Offers are made to applicants who have satisfied all entry criteria and have demonstrated that they have the potential to succeed in their studies at GeniusQuest Film School.

We ask all applicants to accept their offer within one week of receiving it. Details will be included in the offer letter sent by the Admissions Officer. Once you have accepted our offer you will have one week to pay for your tuition.

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