6 Month Full Time Course

TQUK Level 4 Certificate in Media Production – Filmmaking Management (RQF)

This certificate film program is a concentrated exploration in 6 months into the technical and creative processes of filmmaking. It includes a range of visual literacy and filmmaking experiences as students undertake several group and individual short film/video projects, including MOS films, Sync-Dialogue Films and Music Videos. Students develop stories from concept to finished films by collaborating closely with their peers, thus participating in multiple disciplines and gaining understanding and respect for the ensemble nature of film production. The program emphasizes the importance of professional etiquette for successful and effective crew performance.

There are four main concentrations of studies in the GeniusQuest Film School Certificate Program: Screenwriting, Pre-Production, Production and Editing. Upon completion of this course students will receive a TQUK certificate and will be eligible for continued studies in our Film Diploma Program.