Film Studio

GeniusQuest Film Studio

GeniusQuest Film Studio is an independent film studio based in Shenzhen, South China. We combine the best creative talent with cutting edge technology, allowing world-class ideas to come to life.

Our film studio is equipped with a fully sound-proofed stage, a 100 foot infinity green screen, state of the art film equipment and editing rooms. Our facilities include hospitality rooms, wardrobe and changing rooms, makeup rooms and kitchen.

This film studio is also used by our diploma film students to work on their own projects as well as to intern on ongoing productions. GeniusQuest Film School offers our students the opportunity to gain real life experience in a real life production studio.

GeniusQuest Film Studio is recognized globally as a digital-content provider in Film, Documentary and Sit-Com productions. Our award winning content is enjoyed by millions throughout China – Join us on our Creative Revolution and take a China film course.

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