Student Housing Information

Student Housing InformationGeniusQuest Film School is located in Longgang District of Shenzhen, China, just across the border from Hong Kong. It is an international city, by Chinese standards, and is very welcoming to visitors of all nationalities. You can learn more by reading our Study in Shenzhen page.

Moving to China to study film is a big deal. Here is some student housing information that will help you to plan your move:

Shenzhen is a very big city (last count around 14 million people). Coming to study here will require students to locate suitable accommodations, preferably close to campus. As our campus does not have a dedicated residence, we maintain lists of accommodations, which are generally limited on-campus as well as local apartments within walking distance or a short drive.

For your reference here is some current information on housing costs:

  1. Limited availability on-campus housing – studio apartment – (approx. USD240/month)
  2. Local studio apartment – walking distance – (approx. USD180 – USD300/month)
  3. Downtown Longgang District – 15 min drive – studio apartment – (approx. USD120 – USD150/month)
  4. Downtown Longgang District – 15 min drive – 2 bedroom apartment – (approx. USD300 – USD450/month)

Financial and leasing arrangements are made between individual students and property owners. Many may require a down payment, including prepayment of the first and last month’s rent. Students who need help locating housing should contact our GeniusQuest Student Councillors.

We have also put together some information on the cost of living in Shenzhen.