Video Application


Video Application Procedure

  1. Please watch the above video
  2. We would like you to make a short video of 30 seconds to one minute to tell us who you are, what are your passions and dreams?
  3. The video should be made by you, on your phone and you must be in the video.
  4. When complete, please submit the video to the official GeniusQuest wechat account. (If you are not already following us, you will need to do so to submit your video)
  5. Once we receive it we will confirm receipt with you.
  6. One of our team members will get in touch with you within 5 business days after we have reviewed your submission.

NOTE: We are looking for your most creative effort. Please try to tell a story with your video. We will be evaluating your video to determine your passion for film, not necessarily your current skill level.